The Garden of Eden is a photo book project about people and their passions and cravings. I ask people: „What do you do when you are down or depressed? What draws you back from the edge? What is your painkiller?“ They go on to show me whatever they do in order to ease their pain, escape their suffering and discover their own form of calm and peace: „The Garden of Eden“ where fallen angels search for their own private paradise.

The range of themes is as vast as the variety of people, their stories and passions. First I choose a topic like dancing, fetish or nature and then I search for appropriate people. Or I simply approach interesting people on the street. When it comes to portraying somebody, I focus on the individual personality. I listen to their story and aim to reflect this narrative. Therefore I am not interested in listing possibilities but in the many facets of human existence – we are all eating the fruits of the tree of knowledge and have the right to choose between good and evil. The price we pay is the expulsion from Paradise and being punished with hardship, disease and pain. We all desire to return to Paradise.

Until now I have portrayed people using „painkillers“ like dancing and night life, sports, pets, a visit to the hairdresser, being surrounded by nature, eating, smoking, singing, dressing up and adorning oneself, fetishism, transgender and tattoos. I plan with approximately another year to complete this project (somewhen in 2021) – taking further pictures of people bathing, praying, kissing, cleaning, collecting, playing, shopping, styling, crying, shouting and more.

Still looking for interesting people - don’t hesitate to contact me!